The story behind Kwame Brown’s boat “BulletProof”

Politicians are public figures and they are always under close scrutiny. Their image matters a lot to them. And even a slightest show of ostentation can cost them a lot more than even that object of ostentation. Owning a boat is one big indulgence and has added to the woes of many politicians in the past. Gary Hart and Randy Cunningham are few of those unlucky people who have had to face a lot of fire in the past due to the quirky names given by them to their boats.

This time around it is Kwame Brown who is at-large council member and chairman candidate, and owns a 38-foot Chris-Craft yacht, which figures deeply in the$700,000-plus in personal debt. Quite unsurprisingly, it has become a major issue in the election campaign. Christened “bullet-proof”, the opposition is questioning the violent connotation attached to such a name. Brown defends himself saying that it is not about violence, and that his wife has actually named the boat.

It is supposed to be inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch about Bill Clinton. In one scene Bill Clinton is talking about his phoenix like emergence from his ashes despite all the controversy that surrounded him, and says: “I. Am. Bulletproof.”

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