Koolhaus: An easy way to save water

Koolhaus is a pretty interesting invention, and I think it would do a great job in today’s world where each and every drop of water counts. This basically is a device that measures the amount of water the bathroom appliances in your bathroom dispense. It actually makes me think about the times when my mother would have to force me to have a bath and the only way that she would be able to see if I had had a bath or not was by checking the amount of water used from the full bucket.

Now The Koolhaus would do that for her. But this device has a more important objective, and that is to monitor the amount of water used and help us to save it better. This is how it work. The water usage will be displayed on the convex LCD monitor of the faucet, which can also be connected to the user’s computer, so that they can keep a better record of the water that has been used up till a particular time.

There is more! There are infrared on and off sensors that make sure that even the last drop of water is used by operating the water flow more efficiently.

Via: Tuvie , DanDesign

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