GoldCaster: This golden guitar sells for $1,000,000!

Why is everything getting gold plated these days? I mean the laptops, the cellphones, and now even a guitar! Yes we have had some glittering guitars in the past like the $250,000 Ritter’s Flora Aurum guitar, then the Amanda Dunbar’s Precious Rebels Art guitar that was again a pricy one. But now we have the king coming up. The name is The GoldCaster, and it has been given the Midas Touch.

The creator Joseph King says that the GoldCaster is the first of its kind. I cant really argue with that since I have very little info about sparkling guitars. I go for the more conventional wooden types. This guitar has a hollow body and is covered with 18-carat gold. 33 other parts of the guitar such as the nut, bridge, saddles, volume knob, tone knob, switch knobs, string tree, ferrules, neck plate, strap buttons, headstock logo and the headstock lettering.

This bejewelled guitar promises to offer more than bling. It also offers tones and luxury that other traditional guitars don’t. Not surprisingly this extraordinary guitar sells for an extraordinary price of $1,000,000. With this price tag, it is probably one of the most expensive guitars that are available out there.

Via: GuitarNoize

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