Original Sherlock Holmes Book Msy Fetch Half Million at Auction

If you are the kind of person who likes to collect old books, you might be interested in the auction I am just going to write about. I am sure most of us did not really like Sherlock Holmes stories, especially if you belong to the 90s generation. We had better books, stories and crime fiction to read but many from the other generations always believed Sherlock Holmes to be a staple diet if one liked to read detective and spy novels.

Author Conan Doyle sure made a lot of money and fame thanks to his characters Sherlock Holmes and Watson. In an auction that would feature the rare manuscripts of the world, the first Sherlock Holmes adventure by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be available too.

Titled A Study in Scarlet, only two of the book’s copies are available and one of the copies also comes with a handwritten note by Conan Doyle. The book is expected to fetch anything between $385,700 to $617,000. You could also expect to find a big collection of drawings for Punch by Sir John Tenniel estimated at $69,440-55,000. So go ahead and be there at the auction!

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