Now celebrity look-a-likes endorsing brands!

Many celebrities have lent their faces to several vodka brands. You have Diddy endorsing the Ciroc brand. Then you got Bruce Willis rooting for Sobiewski, and the most recent ones to advertise for the Stoli brand are Julia Stiles and Hugh Hefner. But all that is old news. We have for you, a celebrity look-a-like promoting a vodka brand now. Yeah seriously!

Wodka vodka has put up several promotional billboards in New York that have a very enthu looking guy who looks a lot like Ben Stiller. I mean just look at that face! Considering the comedian has worn very weird getups in the past, one can easily think that Ben Stiller is trying some weird new look in this ad. But it is not him. It is some guy called Wass Stevens, who is just a local actor and doorman. And the people at Wodka are claiming that this resemblance was just coincidental.

Wass has been a close friend of the brand for a while, and he was chosen for his whacky style. Their tagline is “Hamptons Quality, Newark Pricing” , which is kinda interesting. The price is also pretty cheap @ $15. The drink is rye based and is Polish in origin.

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