You could have a theme park in your backyard if you happen to have a few million bucks

How cool would it be to have your very own roller coaster in your back yard? But my friends, in order to have that, you will need a couple of million dollars. Celebrities such as Celine Dion and Michael Jackson are the lucky ones who could have their very own theme parks. But if you do happen to have those few million bucks then listen up. Here are some of the best deals that you could get if you wanna splash around and have fun in your roller coaster ride.

Let us start with the most expensive ones. The Shockwave Loop Coaster will cost you a whopping $1.2 million. It is in great condition and has a TUV. The next slot goes to the Kersplash Water Coaster that has eight cars, and four people can ride in each car. This will cost you around $565,000. Another favourite in a theme park is a carousel.  If you have set your eyes on a two storey Carousel, then you will have to shell out $350,000. It has a total of 32 seats and features Dragons, Hippos, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Panda Bears, Zebras and Horses as seats! Cute!

Those who like a good adrenaline rush, they can opt for the Zamperla Drop Tower, which has price tag of $276,940. Then there are the good old bumber cars. The Barbieri Bumper Cars have 24 bumber cars and you can own them by paying $170,000.To give you theme park its finishing touches, you can also buy three ticket booth and a food trailer for $22,500 and $40,000 respectively. All this you get on a website.

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