Does Kimberly Clark Take Environment and it Conservation Seriously?

Corporate responsibility being highlighted as a promotional point seems to be almost unethical. It is a serious issue not to be bandied about while promoting your products. The FAQ on Kleenex Hand Towels sound high handed when they say “Kimberly-Clark has long recognised the importance of corporate responsibility and integrated the concept of sustainability in our business practices. At Kimberly-Clark, we take concern for the environment and conservation of natural resources seriously. Because of the superior softness consumers expect from KLEENEX brand, the towels are made from 100% virgin fibre.”

It is far- fetched to believe that a fraction of the cost of every box sold  trickling down to a conservation group to the benefit of the Brazilian rain forest makes it a sustainable business .Don’t they think it would be a better idea to ask people to send $2.99 directly to the conservation group and cut out the middle man.

Kimberly Clark ‘s intentions are clear that they want to take over the home bathroom all the time, everywhere. The wave of germ paranoia is coming in handy for them to convince people that they are putting their loved ones at risk by continuing to hang those soft, fluffy ,re-washable cotton towels on the towel bar at home. I think they are making a virtue out of their opportunistic approach.

Via: TreeHugger

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