Antique Silver Products to Jazz Up Your Study Table

People with a sense of history love antique, in fact, they love anything that is remotely antique. Some people even question the purpose of collecting antique if they can not be put to any use apart from being used for display. They do not realise the impact and effect antique has even if it is not in use. It not only adds to your style but enhances the ambience of a room.

Intrecciato Argento Antique have come up with products in their antique silver that gives you the style of an antique in the form of a usable product. A ruler crafted from intrecciato antique silver comes with inches and centimetre on either side, making the scale completely usable. The other product is a paper knife made of solid intrecciato antique silver. These days the email has replaced the snail mail but rest assured the paper knife in solid silver will open your junk mail also with absolute ease.

The prices of the products are reasonable considering the fact that they are made from solid silver and antique silver. The ruler is priced at $1,670 and the paper knife will cost you $1,070. If you have decided to go for these two products then you must go for the entire set which also includes a pen holder and a desk organiser. The set will definitely give a classy look to your table.

Via: LuxuryLaunches , BottegaVeneta

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