Now even the Queen has taken to 3D glasses!

Ok so I’ve got news for you. Even the Queen is wearing 3D glasses these days. But hers have got Swarovski crystals encrusted on them. Well she is the queen afterall; can’t really do without the bling. But for all those technology-phobic people out there who do not think that 3D glasses are cool, now you can give it a second thought as even royalty is wearing them.

Well the Queen is not exactly the epitome of cool, and she does seem a bit muffed with those glasses on, but apparently the picture doesn’t show us the right emotion (maybe with 3D glasses we could have seen it better? huh? Well I gave it a shot to convince you guys). The Studio photographer, John Reeve of the Pinewood Toronto Studios in Canada, where her highness wore these 3D glasses, said that the Queen quite like the glasses.

She witnessed a scene being shot here in 3D and saw it again on a big screen. Considering she is royalty, she gave the reusable glasses a pass and got these stylish 3D glasses made for her.  The 84-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is probably the highest-ranking dignitary to be clicked in 3D glasses.

Via: tgDaily

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