Jimmy Page brings out a Guitar Case to match the beauty of your Guitar

You can ask from any guitar owner and they will tell you how much they love it. And if they happen to be professional musicians, then that love goes to a whole new level. So I am sure it will be their priority to keep it safe and sound whenever they are travelling. But it is hard to find good guitar cases out there. And many a times people don’t think they ought to spend a lot of money in buying a case for the guitar. They would instead spend that money on the guitar itself.

But not for people like Jimmy Page. Yes I am talking about the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page of the Led Zepplin fame. He thinks that a guitar cover should be as good as the guitar itself. Since the man doesn’t compromise when it comes to his beloved string instrument, he made sure that there was a guitar case out there that would suit his requirements and taste.

So he took things in his own hands and collaborated with RIMOWA and produced the RIMOWA Logo Case. This guitar case is far from ordinary. Available in aluminium and polycarbonate finish, this baby comes in variety of hues. The next time you carry your guitar along with you, be ready to get some eyeballs your way, cause this one is quite the stunner.

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