If you like it simple and natural, then 55 Dune Road is the place to live

When you spend $14.95, you would want all that money to be visible in the luxury of the setting. But there are some who feel that the beauty lies in the simplicity. But how simple? Well many who want to get an authentic natural experience want things to be very basic. For them it is like pitching a tent on the beach, but this tent is for millions of dollars.

At 55 Dune Road, this ‘tent’ has four bedrooms, five and half bathrooms, a two-car garage, and a lovely cabana. Well it sure seems like a cramped tent to me! But taking a look at the picture you would know that the most beautiful abodes belong to Mother Nature. In this house, you can entertain your guests outside, close to the nature. The infinity pool actually has a double infinity edge, which makes the communion with the deep blue sea seem even closer.

In this case, it is not the furnishing or the features that make it so special. It is actually the setting of the place that adds to its beauty and not to mention price. But my concern is that the “forever-protected” view from this beach house only has a range of 270 degrees. Considering how much this place costs, I’d say that is worth a full 360 degrees of the beautiful nature. Sotheby’s has the listings.

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