Russia’s 10th Richest Man Might End Up Paying £3.8 billion in Divorce Settlement, the Highest Till Date

Celebrity Divorce Stories are always very spiced up. The kind of money transfer that takes place from spouse to another is often a good area of interest for meaningless journalism. But this time we’re not talking about Britney Spears or Madonna-Guy Ritchie divorce dramas. It’s 43-year old Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian magnate who had to give in a lot of money in his divorce settlement with his 23 yr old wife.The amount of money we are talking about is as much as £3.8 billion. In case you’re wondering what this settlement would comprise of, let me just run you through the list of estates and belongings here. A £72 million motor yacht and a luxurious estate from London to Singapore, including a £62 million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, bought from Donald Trump.

Well, the above is supposedly half of the wealth that the Russian industrial biggie earned since his marriage in 1987. It isn’t unusual for such tycoons to have offshore accounts to park their wealth to avoid the unpleasant attention of angry wives and Income tax officials.

Via: Telegraph

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