Shadow Clock by Hanshi Chen & Chiyu Chen, Simple & Effective

The Chen designers, Hanshi and Chiyu Chen, have used every day simple technology to come up with a concept and a product that seems to be out of this world. What they have created together is like a dream come true. The concept is to project the clock on a wall like a shadow. Projecting the clock as a shadow enlarges the clock to the size of your wall. The clock is like a full wall display. It is a dream come true for those of us who have always wanted to possess a wall size clock, much bigger that the grandfather clocks of yore.

The technology used by Hanshi Chen and Chiyu Chen is very basic and simple. They have put together a quartz clock movement mechanism along with a conventional halogen bulb. They have been put together in such a way that it projects a shadow on the wall in front. And yes, you guessed it right there are three distinct shadows, one each for denoting the hour, minute and second. The shadows are like the three needles of an analogue watch.

Though the technology involved is very simple the concept makes it very effective. It need not be designed , developed or customised for a particular wall. The lamp or the clock or the lamp-clock(call it whatever you may) can be adjusted as per the wall in front. It can be enlarged to fit a large wall or can be refocused to adjust to a smaller wall.

Via: YankoDesign

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