“SensoWash” Toilets By Phillipe Starck Are A Must-Have

Gone are the days when bathrooms and toilets formed the most ignored part of ones house. Folks thought that the place where one performs daily hygienic procedures isn’t one that requires as much thought behind as the other important rooms under the roof. Poof! The concept has been long gone and made space for a new, modern one that really has us valuing our bathroom area. Designer Phillipe Starck is one who definitely likes to stick to that statement.

And now he has gone on to come up with the all new “SensoWash” range. As the name suggests, this one is a generic series for toilets and showers created in collaboration with Duravit. You will love the distinctive flat seat of this hi-tech toilet that extends all the way to the wall of the arc. The silver toilet lid gives that tech-savvy look you love so much.

As for the functions, the toilet is well-equipped with a range of impressive features liked the “Ladies wash” that has a gentle spray cleaning method especially designed for the women. The “Breech flush” brings you a fresh, clean feeling while the “Comfortable washing” offers a more thorough cleaning. Your desired settings can be saved. Those parents worried about kids splashing can opt for the splash-proof mode and say goodbye to your cleanliness worried. Among others specs, there is the clean warm air for drying. The seat is anti-bacterial.

Via duravit

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