Footballers to get even richer!

It keeps getting better and better for these football players. This FIFA World Cup 2010 has been quite lucrative not only for brands like Hublot, Louis Vuitton, and FIFA itself, but also the real players. If you thought that the moolah that some of these star players get couldn’t go any higher, the various clubs have announced an appraisal. Yes, Messi is going to get even richer.

The 22 year old star striker from Argentina takes the top slot with $98.3 million being his next paycheck by a Barcelona club. The next in line is the charismatic midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now priced at 492.2 million. The Spanish captain Xavi, with 79.9 million takes the third slot. The rest of the list goes something like this: 4th- Spanish and Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta with $73.8 million; 5th- Arsenal and Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas with $67.6 million; 6th- Manchester United and English striker Wayne Rooney with $65.1 million.

7th- French team captain and Bayern Munich player Franck Ribery with $61.5 million; 8th- Liverpool and Spanish striker Fernando Torres with around $61.5 million; 9th- Brazil and Real Madrid midfielder Kaka with $61.5 million; 10th- English team captain and Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerard with approximately $61.5 million.


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