Gresso Dabbles with iPhone, Unveils Wooden Cased Deal

Till now Apple IPhones have been clad in everything, but wood. To fulfill this desire of many, Gresso has launched iPhone in a lustrous wooden case. Gresso, which is famous for its innovative and chic designs, decided to impart this Blackwood look to the iPhones as the metallic and glittery Swarovski cases were saturated in the market.

The African Blackwood used in the manufacturing of these iPhones is 200 years old and perhaps that exactly explains the steep rise in the cost of this new range. The company tried its level best to understate the glitter quotient by keeping it to the minimal, the 18K gold Apple logo just does the trick.

It is very obvious that women would not appreciate designs which do not have that extra bling or flashy glitter, so, the company has made another version just for women. This version will have few Swarovski crystals Strewn in the backside of the phone, which again has been kept to the minimal.

The male version phones cost $3,000 and the female version phones cost $3,500.The price difference is due to the presence of Swarovski crystals in case of latter. These phones will hit the market by December 2010.

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