Glow Away with Ergoline Prestige 1100-S Sunbeds

That million dollar Brazilian tan can make anyone go gaga, but spending hours in the beach or on your terrace with the fear of being clicked is certainly not how you would like to get tanned. So, Ergoline, UK has designed high end futuristic tanning beds, which will make your stay in these babies a worth while experience!

The Ergoline Prestige 1100-S has a set of fifty-two UV lamps to give you that glowing bronze skin and to be kind to your facial skin it has four Ultra Performance Plus high-pressure lamps along with three 25W low-pressure UV-B lamps. The acrylic panels at the top and the bottom of the sun bed make it easier for the machine to reach the desired temperature in a jiffy.

To make your stay in the sunbed interesting it has Aqua Fresh & Aroma to provide you with delightful scents and 3D surround system to keep you rocking all the while. You can also listen to music of your choice by inserting your SD card in the slot provided in it. The futuristic and user friendly controls make it a must buy.

You will no longer have to toss from side to side in the grisly heat of the beaches, just order one of these babies and you are done!

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