Frontiers International Travel Offers Enticing Discounts

Frontiers International Travel has simplified the complex process of ‘get-away hunting’ for those who constantly travel in the search of adventure to predefined exotic places. Established in 1969, this veteran company exactly understands the whims of its guests and specializes in offering pristine locales for fly fishing and unforgettable shooting experiences.

During this time of the year France becomes even more enticing for people from all across the globe and to facilitate their visit and stay in all the spectacular interiors of France Frontiers International Travel will be offering a generous discount of 25% on the following three barges.

The Renaissance cruise, which is the smallest of the three barges, has a capacity of 8 passengers. It will start the trip from Paris by treating you with a flute of champagne and will take you to places like Chateau-Landon.

The La Belle Epoque cruises in central-eastern France and has a capacity of 13 passengers, which makes it an obvious choice for people with large families.

The Impressioniste also has enough room for 13 passengers, but its expedition on the Ouche River makes it an interesting choice. Besides you will also get to see the ancient city of Dijon and to taste the finest wines from the oldest cellars.

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