A stiletto made of gold and diamonds. Any takers?

A £100,000 worth stiletto! Hmmm…I am not sure who would buy this. But then again, there are a number of crazy filthy rich women out there with a show fetish. The name of this pair is called Eternal Diamond stiletto, and it is made entirely from gold and diamonds. Ok that explains the price. The look is very Christian Louboutins with it’s red sole and endless heels. But the pricing crosses even this uber expensive brand.

The makers of this bejewelled stilettos are the jewellers, House of Borgezie. Needless to say, their creation has already caused quite a stir among the rich and the famous. The man behind this creation is the British jewellery designer Christopher Michael Shellis. Each pair is made with solid gold and then studded with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 30 carats.  Three years went into creating this piece. It would be ideal for summer balls, society weddings and red carpet events.

He said: “To bring the Eternal Diamond Stilletto to life, I quite literally had to reinvent the fundamental principle of classical stiletto construction. The result is not so much a shoe, but rather a fine piece of jewellery that can be miraculously yet practically worn as the ultimate feminine adornment.” And luckily, these glittering high heels come with a 1,000 year guarantee. It could go through generations as a family jewel!

Via: DailyMail

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