Musical Beach Towel Creates a Racket

The young music lovers want their music everywhere all the time and they want it loud.  The young-set now, perhaps do not know the history of Walkman and how it came about just to fulfil this need. How to carry around your music wherever you go without compromising on the quality of the sound produced. At times this concept is stretched a bit too far. Someone has designed and developed a beach towel which has amplified speakers situated right next to your ears. You can make all the noise on the beach with your chosen iPod, iPhone or music player.

This can safely be classified as the fanciest beach towel ever invented. When you have finished creating a racket on the beach you can fold up the whole shebang into a backpack move up the beach or go someplace else and  get down to creating the musical racket all over again. It is not very clear what the intention of the inventor of this product was.

The price of the loud beach blanket at $72 is clearly aimed at exciting the teens who love creating a racket anywhere anytime. The speakers that come with the beach towel are powered by a lithium battery and is removable. The saving grace of the musical towel though is the option of headphones that allows you to keep your music to yourself without disturbing anyone on the beach.

Via: Dvice , hi-fun

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