A 90,000 sq feet $75million Mansion on the Market

The housing crisis had triggered the economic downturn and one expected that the days of the big, expensive luxury homes would be over. But that is definitely not the case as a $75 million, 90,000 sq. feet mansion has been listed  in Orlando, Fla. It is a prime property spread in 10 acres on a waterfront plot in a gated community just outside Orlando. It has plenty of everything. It boasts of 13 bedrooms, a 20 car garage, 10 kitchens, a bowling alley and an indoor roller rink.

David Siegel,  the real estate tycoon and the owner of the largest privately held time share company in America, had created this mansion called Lake Butler Mansion for himself. But Westgate, his company, has suffered badly due to the downturn and there isn’t enough cash to finish the project. Lorraine Barrett, the Coldwell banker and real estate agent handling the listing said “he just stopped construction because the banks not being as free on the credit lines with his own company”. She added that the Siegels are good neighbours who are responsible for the welfare of over 6,000 employees hence he is investing his own money into his business and not into his house.

For the $75 million you will get a house twice the size of a football field, twice the size of White House and 36 times the size of an average American home. When completed, it will have an Olympic size pool, tennis courts and fitness centre.

Via: housingwatch

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