Hit the Road With Your Mobile Disco

The modern technology has made it possible for the innovative designers to make a  product smaller, portable and mobile. Things you never believed could be carted around have been miniaturised with the help of every new development in technology making it mobile without compromising on any of its features or effectiveness and efficiency.

A French design student, Vivier  Raphael has come up with “Pioneer Pro-1400 FLT” that allows the DJ lovers to get a party started anytime, anywhere. This new product based on the mobile DJ concept offers two configurations, a sober and classic to keep neutral during transport, the other focuses more on the event with LED devices. The product has been designed with the younger set in mind who feel like partying anywhere and anytime. It also allows them to avoid the public spots and have an exclusive party with the gang or the immediate group.

The DJ lovers need not worry about the features available in this product. It has only been downsized and not downgraded. The DJ table console can house all the DJ equipment to serve your professional requirements, including headphones, CDs, plates and other DJ gear. Its party time , get ready to hit the road along with your mobile disco.

Via: bbmix , google

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