The Grey Gold “King Cobra” Transformed into Black

The new generation of the UR-CC1 comes in black AlTiN. You need not be afraid of it but do be very careful. The new UR-CC1 is the result of successful genetic manipulation. The grey gold “King Cobra” has transformed into black. The colour does not make it a black character with a black heart. The team URWERK reaffirms that the hours and minutes count down the time by moving linearly. You can rest assured that it is not as simple as it sounds. The team had to go through a rigorous research and development over a period of three years to overcome the technical challenges involved in linearly indicating the hours and minutes in this fashion.

The mechanism used reminds you of the automata. A toothed rack/lever transfers the energy from the movement to the minute cylinder. The structure of the lever resembling a honeycomb offers the seemingly contradictory properties of lightness and rigidity. It consumes as little energy as possible, conveys the profile of the triple cam to the minute cylinder accurately and position , gravity and shocks have minimal  effect on it.

The triple cam have drawn a path, which was plotted with reference to 104 points. A toothed segment moves up and down following this path. Each of the three cams drives the rack for exactly 60 minutes. Every 60 minutes the rack drops on the cam triggering the retrograde mechanism to rotate the minute cylinder. This process goes on hour after hour.

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