Dolce & Gabbana Gets Even More Trendier With The Apple iPad

Since the launch of the world’s most cherished tablet device, the Apple iPad, nearly every vertical in the market has been scrambling to take advantage of this magnificent machines and considering the fact that, users across the globe are mad in love with the iPad, numerous industrial categories from airlines to hospitality verticals have ensured that iPad becomes a part of their customer service efforts. However, the fashion industry on the other hand, seemed to have been oblivious to the popularity of the iPad, as nearly none of the fashion big hitters took the initiative to integrate the iPad in their business models.

However, now all that seems to be changing as one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, Dolce & Gabbana have finally embraced the Apple iPad, as the company decided to line up iPads marking its 20th anniversary menswear show in Milan. D&G is not new to the digital age, as the company has been widely famous for its ‘D&G Fashion Channel’ and its incredible effort to provide live streaming of its 2010 shows on mobile platforms such as, Android and iPhone. The iPads, numbering 28 in all were displayed along a wall in Palazzo Marino, which is Milan’s city hall, to commemorate Dolce & Gabbana’s success and contribution in men’s wear over a span of twenty years. This one of a kind exhibition also consisted of 48 LCD monitors displaying the history of D&G from 1990 to 2010. The entire exhibition was designed and managed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and the purpose of this event was to show the guests how D&G maintained a delightful balance between tradition and technology.

Via Wired

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