Bremont Exclusive Watches For Celebrities With Passion

The British brand watch brand Bremont recently launched The Supermarine Descent and during the launch Tom Cruise pictures wearing Belmont ALT1-C made quite a splash. The Bremont watches do have celebrity following for a reason. Bremont offers exclusive watches for people who share a passion for flying, planes, diving or even climbing mountains. So it doesn’t come as surprise that polar explorer Ben Saunders is a Bremont Ambassador and Tom Cruise who has penchant for planes and flying wears Bremont ALTC-1 when he is in flying mode.

Wrist watches do serve a purpose beyond simple time-keeping and that is why there are so many exclusive and expensive ranges of brands and watches.  Bremont ALTC-1 is truly horological device which includes vintage aircraft gauges like altimeter, fuel gauge and other gauges showing important parameters crucial for flying. The Supermarine Descent is water resistant and sapphire bezel dial is luminous in low light conditions.  These dials are extremely simple and easy to read. The watches are over all very stylish and come in colors too. ALTC-1 boasts of COSC Chronometer certified chronograph movement. These watches are exclusively designed for celebrities and people who share deep passion for adventurous pursuits.

Isn’t it amazing that a small wrist watch can accommodate so much information on dial and display time too? Why Bremont? Ask Tom Cruise, Bear Grylls, Ewan McGregor, Jake Meyer, Sara Campbell and many others who love to sport it on their wrists as gadgets when they are in full adventure gear

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