Celsius X VI II Introduces The All New Revolutionary Mobile Phone Watch

On very rare occasions does one find a product or more specifically, a piece of art that not only is technologically sound, but is also simply marvelous to look at. This time we are talking about the all new Celsius X VI II Remontage Papillon, a mobile phone watch, where in a tourbillion design watch is literally embedded into the flap of a clamp shell designed mobile phone. It took Celsius three years of hardwork and extensive research & development to create a masterpiece of technological art, that runs on more than 547 hand finished mechanical components.

Whenever the flap of the Remontage Papillon is opened, it triggers the inset tourbillion watch to function with a distinct micromechanical sound and each opening of the flap adds up to three hours of power reserve, thus contributing to the total 120 hours of power. Furthermore, the micromechanics are not only intended for the tourbillion watch, the mobile phone itself has also benefited from micromechanics, as the Remontage Papillon has been given a unique mechanical battery-ejection system along with a set of spring-mounted ball bearings, that neatly cushion the screen flap closing action. This incredible new watch comes on the Sagem Wireless platform and is made entirely from a block of grade 5 titanium. The phone itself a 2.2 inch QVGA screen along with a 3.2 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth, music player and various Java based applications.

Via Cool Hunting

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