Texas car drivers can have their favourite license plate on their cars

For some people, just a fancy car is not enough. They need a fancy number plate with it too. So if you are in Texas, and you are one of those people who want quirky name plates on your car, then you are about to get lucky, as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, in collaboration with a private company is going to auction thirty very interesting seven letter name plates.

If interested then head over to the Cowboys Stadium, as that is where the auction will take place. The tags that you can get include ‘cowboys’, ‘ferrari’, ‘rangers’, ‘porsche’ etc. Those who place the highest will get these name plates for the next 25 years, with the option of renewing it after the stipulated time period. If bored of the same tag, then you can sell it too. Though I am not sure what the paper work for that would be like.

The revenue from this auction will be shared between the state and MyPlates.com, which has the contract to exclusively sell Texas’ personalized plates. Millions have been generated in other states through such auctions. If interested then a ten year license plate from the luxury series will push you back $595. And that is the minimum.

Via: Dallasnews , Greattexasplateauction

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