P Diddy has booze worth £80,000

Sean P Diddy is a hip hop mogul who sure knows how to spend his cash. The man is rich, filthy rich, and news about his extravagant spending keep surfacing now and then. This time it is £80,000 ($118,000) on booze. Yeah that is right. The man along with his celebrity friends Drake and Kelly Rowland spent this much cash on getting drunk at the Whiskey Mist in London.

Well if you got it then throw it away on booze seems to be their philosophy. This money was spent on Whisky Mist Ace Of Spades cocktails, which cost a whopping £61,000, as well as ordering 10 Chalice cocktails that came in silver trophies. He was more than ok with buying a four-foot tall cocktail that was accompanied by dancers and a Scottish bagpipe player. Having one such cocktail costs £2,100, and Diddy dear who likes to live large bought ten of these!

The man is promoting his latest film Get Him to The Greek these days, and this could very well have been a promotional gimmick. I personally have become pretty tired of these rappers flashing their bling everytime they want to show how cool they are. This time is no different.

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