Now flip flops with Swarovski crystals!

When I first saw this I wasn’t very sure if this was wearable or a bit too flashy. I mean Swarovski crystals on your flip flops seem a bit too much. But hey, they got those crystals on everything these days! So why not for your feet.  What put me off initially was the thought of something so shiny studded on flip flops that are supposed to be plain and casual. But then I realized that these aren’t so bad afterall.

I mean hey, they do look kinda nice, as long as you can carry them off. And one doesn’t have to change these even if one is going out (Well not exactly for your cocktail parties, but something a little less formal would suffice). And plus there must be many people out there who like a bit of bling with everything and would love this kind of stuff.

Apart from the looks this slipper also is good for your body. It has the muscle-activating and leg-toning Microwobbleboard midsole placed on the inside. Called the Rockstar Walker, these flip flops come for $200, and would be a great buy if it has managed to catch your eye.

Via: LuxuryLaunches

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