Innocent Mistake or Publicity Stunt: Redfin Listed White House for Sale

No matter how rich or educationally qualified you are, everybody is bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes give you something to laugh about it later where as result in major goof-ups.  The online real estate brokerage company, Redfin, too goofed up with a listing. The property under that listing wasn’t just another block in America; it was official residence and principal workplace of the President. Yeah, the White House!

Let me cut through the chase and tell you what exactly happened. Redfin erroneously listed the White House address i.e 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW as on “For Sale” for a price tag of $10 million. The math tells me that the 55,000 square foot property had a price listing of $182 per square foot. The error can be traced to the Redfin software that pulled an example listing from the website To their bad luck, they had the White House as their example listing which resulted into this major slip-up.

Some new folks have been trying to get a media bite on this from Redfin, but they haven’t been available to comment. Well, everybody’s experience with the tinsel town of fame and controversy does tell them this could just be another publicity stuny.

Via: Gawker/NBC Washington

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