Elite Estate: French Noble Castle in Alpes-CA´te d’Azur on Realty Shelves for $2 million

Staying in an elite large condo and enjoying state-of-the-art interior design and technology has its own charm. But a luxurious fortress like the French Castle has no parallel. Sotheby’s International Realty is trying to appeal the rich folks by acquainting them with the wonders of staying in a château.

The French Castle under consideration is situated in Ardeche and was born during the 11th century. Renovation and Extensions were carried during the 13th century which has given it a sprawling living space comprising of 6 rooms with an extravagance of noble luxury. Green trees spread their arms of shade on the terrace which overlooks plunging gorges and rocks.  The castle will bestow upon its occupants sense of peace and soothe their nerves.

This French aristocrat estate is situated in Gordes on the Alpes-CA´te d’Azur and is available for a price tag of $2 million. If you have already have a fleet of mansions and Rolls Royce Cars on your balance sheet and feel like owning something breathtaking then you should consider buying this château.

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