A high-tech coffee-table for your living room

The trend in home decor that is gaining a lot of popularity these days is that of functional decor. Without a doubt, the world today is the world of technology. So everything you see around you is assimilating that growing technology. So why should your coffee table be left out. Yes, designer Joseph Reed has come out with a coffee table that is quite high-tech.

Called Technology Coffee Table, this extraordinary furniture has USB and serial ports, outlets for your electronic gadgets, and also an iPod dock. Covered in white enamel and orange translucent acrylic, it has a very futuristic look. Depending on the theme of your home decor, you can try to integrate this coffee table to your living room. If not the living room then certainly your bedroom could be its new home.

Having so many outlets for your innumerable gadgets does not look very neat. So table would be a good way to hide them. Who knows, maybe there might be a chair in the offing that has all these features as well! So then you could boast to your friends about your high-tech furniture. No word on the price yet.

Via: Coroflot

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