A Swarovski crystal encrusted cover for your iPads

If you go bonkers for bling then this could be your latest companion. Lets face it, the Apple craze has spread all over. Everyone wants to have an iPad. But those lucky ones who do want something to add to it that will make it stand out. The design is pretty neat, but is quite plain by most people’s standards. So here comes the Swarovski studded cover for your beloved iPads.

Brought out by CrystalRoc, which has come out with many shiny funky stuff in the past as well. These iPad covers are encrusted with an amazing 5000 individual Swarovski Crystal Elements! I guess you won’t need a bulb for the lighting when this is in the room! These things are made of durable and lightweight hard shell plastics with chrome finish.

No word on the price yet, but with so many Swarovski crystals on this cover, I am sure it’s price wont be too far from your iPad itself. But hey, those who got the big bucks can always flaunt it. Those who don’t like too much bling or cant really afford it can go for other iPad accessories that are in the market. There surely is no dearth of it.

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