Presenting The All New Gold Plated Bullet Shaped Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones From MUNITIO

Most of the boys have two things in common, first is their affinity towards music and other being their insatiable appetite for guns and ammunition. Now, a company called, MUNITIO has designed and developed a product that, has been conceived to bring both these passions closer to each other in one elegant package.

We talking about the all new Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones, that are not only gorgeous and quite manly to look at, but they are also said to deliver high performance sound to the users. These nine millimeter earphones are designed in the shape of bullet casings and have been adorned with 18 karat yellow gold. The Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones from MUNITIO come with earth neodymium magnets, that provide these earphones with exceptional dynamic range and quick recovery. The creators of these fine earphones made use of machined copper alloy casing along with 18 karat gold plating, that together provide incredible sound purity as well as natural noise cancellation and durability.

MUNITIO has used the self devised BassEnhancingChamber technology, that helps these earphones achieve incredible levels of most accurate bass notes, with the interference of distortion. To ensure impeccable sound quality and less pressure on the ears, the company incorporated custom tuned AccousticSoundFlowSystem, along with SiliconeHollowPoints, that not only provide noise isolating technology, but also leads to a more comfortable fit of the earphones.

Via Luxist

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