Presenting The 24K Gold Toy Soldier Set From Chandelier Creative

The affinity towards toy soldiers is a feeling that begins from childhood and remains till the very end. Celebrating the undying love for toy soldiers, one of the finest creative houses in New York, Chandelier Creative has now announced the launch of a beautiful 24 karat limited edition gold toy soldier set, in collaboration with Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti, the duo legend of the design studio, Partner’s & Spade.

One of the most famous names in advertising, Richard Christiansen, the man behind Chandelier Creative developed the company on the platform of creativity, collaborations, and fun and hence came out with this gorgeous limited edition gold toy soldier set, that is surely to become one of the most prized possessions of any individual. The packaging of the toy soldier set is comprised of a box made entirely out of gold and is embedded with bold text. The inside of the box contains, five toy soldiers, all conceived from gold and individually crafted to perfection. Each of these soldiers are hand crafted and all of them have been designed to portray a different aspect of a warrior. These gold toy soldiers depict conducting various activities, such as marching, standing guard and taking pictures.

These gold toy soldiers are accompanied by various accessories, such as a chiseled brick wall and barrel, and all are made entirely from 24 karat gold. These accessories also include a pile of brick and represent the various factors and tools that are there in a soldier’s life.

Via Highsnobiety & The Malcom

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