Your hard earned income might be going to pay for your politician’s sofa!

This is utterly absurd and the minister in charge is going to get into trouble for this one. I am talking about the money that was splurged on the purchase of sofas for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and that too by the authorization of Labour ministers! A total of 28 sofas were bought at £4,120 each, which adds up to a whopping £134,503!

These Parisian sofas designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were apparently part of an efficiency drive. I am still to be convinced how fancy sofas can actually make incompetency go away, but lets first hear what the ministers had to say. According to them, these sofas would create a “truly peaceful oasis” at Whitehall for the hardworking council tax officials. These sofas were gracing the office of the Department for Communities and Local Government in Eland House, near Victoria.

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, showed his outrage by saying, “As sure as day turns to night, Labour Governments waste your money. Struggling families and pensioners will be outraged that their hard-earned cash has been used to pay for luxury designer sofas to create a ‘peaceful oasis’ for council tax officials. This shows the total disregard the last Labour government had for the public purse.”

Via: ConservativeHome , Blogs.WSJ

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