Marriott Hotels Introduces New Décor Packages Adding A Custom Feel

One of the biggest and widely popular hotel chains in the world, the Marriott Hotels has now introduced all new guest room designs, and for the first time, the hotel will be providing the owners and franchisees, the freedom to choose their desired guest room décor designs. These design pallets have been carefully chosen so as to provide the guests with a color and design combination that help them in relaxing and rejuvenating.

The Marriott Architecture & Construction team made extensive use of 3-D modeling design visualization software, with which they were able to create interchangeable designs, that would be suited to the three new Marriott Hotels & Resorts guest room styles. Some of these newly introduced decor packages are:

  • Refreshing Mint: This gorgeous and soothing decor package is inspired by nature and marks the room with splashes of mint green color, so as to compliment the chocolate colored carpets and accents.
  • Sienna Glow: This decor package combines the rich colors including coral and chocolate brown along with a dash of golden beige, that creates a soothing and natural effect for the guests.
  • Golden Rouge: This is the current decor package for the Marriot Hotels, that is comprised of new carpet designs and decorative bed scarf offerings. Also, this decor package includes red and black accents along with golden tones, giving the rooms a vibrant and lively feeling.

Via 4Hoteliers

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