Fisker Latigo CS Heats up the Auctions in eBay

Another product that was recently added on eBay’s shelf is the Fisker Latigo CS, a car that has competed with BMW and its likes. Henrik Fisker, the creator of this car has always owned a huge variety of sleek cars, but he has felt very strongly about this one (you know the way they call these their babies)!

The Danish designer has lent his designs to the elegant Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8 roadster, but this car has strung him along, as it is the first product of his coachbuilding operation that he set up in California. These days he is deeply involved in evolving a new design called Karma. This baby (Fisker Latigo CS) was born at the same time with BMW M6, which made its birth historic!

Coming back to the technicalities, this car had a lauded 5-liter V10 engine but its creator (Mr.Fisker) metamorphosed it into a 650 horsepower engine. That was not the only thing that underwent metamorphosis, it was the whole look of the car that was changed overnight. He was so sure of his designs that he only made 150 such models to tag it as a “limited edition” piece. This car is now just a click and $90,000 away at eBay!

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