Ty Warner Suite: America’s Most Expensive Hotel Room Outside Las Vegas

Four Seasons Hotel New York has a new way to make you spend more than ever, and it might cost you to the tune of $35,000 or more to stay in that glitzy hotel. The hotel room is named after the Beanie Baby mogul and the hotel’s owner and is the most expensive room outside Las Vegas.

Bathroom sinks are made of solid blocks of rock crystal and the celebrity chef Joël Robuchon who would serve you delectable caviar for a price of $1,000. The room, called Ty Warner Penthouse was built in 2007, and it took 7 years to design it. In fact, it must be more expensive than many hotels themselves and cost $50 million to build.

If you thought you could get married there or host a meeting, well there is some bad news for you. At the Ty Warner suite in Four Seasons, you would not be allowed to hold weddings and corporate events. Only 10 people would be allowed to enter the room at any given time so that the room stays undamaged.

The $120,000 chandelier over the dining room table is another attraction, and you could spend your time reading their history, art, and biography collection. Of course, each night costs $35,000 and I am sure you would not want to spend time reading books when you are there.

Via: WSJ

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