Rare Louis XIII Black Pearl Heads to China from Vancouver

Louis XIII Black Pearl is one of the rarest cognacs in the world, and there certainly is a huge demand to get a bottle of that wonderful sparkling drink. There are just a few bottles left of that cognac, and it was kept for sale in Vancouver International Airport.

The decanter for the cognac is one of the most superior in the world, and has been created by the fine crystal and glassware manufacturer Baccarat. You would also get a platinum finished black crystal that is specially given with the Louis XIII Black Pearl. The bottle was sold to a Chinese couple who were flying back home from Vancouver.

The bottle was sold for a horrendous price of $34,000. The rare cognac was available in the Aldeasa’s duty free shops at Vancouver. If you want the same bottle of wine, it might be a little too late for most of the known Louis XIII Black Pearls have either been consumed or owned by cognac collectors.

Cognac is a French brandy that is made of grapes but has a higher amount of alcohol in it. It is also known to be one of the best treatments for common cold, and problems related to indigestion.

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