Welcome To The World Of Incredibly Creative Yet Somewhat Bizarre Hotels

With our daily regimented lifestyle of home to office and back to home, at time we just need to relax and unwind, so as to get a new perspective towards life and the way we lead it. The perfect way of taking a time out is to go on a vacation and explore the bountiful beauty that is all around us. However, for many of us, such a vacation can again turn into a monotonous routine, where we check in a five star hotel, go out sight seeing and shopping and then come back to same living quarter, in this case, only difference is that, they are luxurious.

If you are looking for an out of the box vacation experience, that you can never ever forget, then we might have the perfect package for you, in the form of some of the most bizarre, yet extremely interesting hotels, that would make your stay a remarkable and
unforgettable experience.

  • Jumbo Jet Hotel: We all, at some point in our lives have traveled by air and in the 21st century, it isn’t something that we can brag about. However, how many of us can say that, “Yeah, I’ve lived in an airplane!”? Well, in case you are planning a trip to Sweden, then you would most definitely be interested to know about the ‘Jumbo Jet Hotel’, that sits outside the Stockholm airport. This incredible new hotel houses 27 rooms, 75 beds in a retired Boeing 747 passenger jetliner. The first class lounge of this humongous 747 has been converted to a conference room, catering to then needs of business travelers and the cockpit itself has been turned into a gorgeous suite.
  • Dog Bark Inn: If a dog is a man’s best friend, then in the case of Cottonwood, Idaho, a dog has now taken to providing exquisite bed & breakfast services to its guests. We are talking about the famous Dog Bark Inn, that has been designed to look just like a Beagle. The Dog Bark Inn is a two story B&B and was designed by Dennis Sullivan. The funniest part of this hotel is that, the toilet has been designed in the form of a red fire hydrant.
  • Euromast TV Tower:  Over at Rotterdam, Netherlands, the human dream of reaching to the stars has taken a new shape in the form of the Euromast TV Tower, that has now been outfitted with two luxury suites, situated at the top of the tower, some 100 meters above ground. This one of a hotel provides its guests with a jointly balcony that is open from 10. pm to 10 am.

  • Capsule Hotel: If you aren’t claustrophobic or don’t mind being rocked by ripples of water, then the Capsule Hotel is just the place for you to spend your vacations, when you are in Netherlands. Designed by Denis Oudendijk, the Capsule Hotel consist of escape pods converted into hotel rooms and can easily accommodate three guests per pod. These escape pods were one part of oil rig platform and the pods still retain almost every bit of their original specs, apart from a a lock on the door and a chemical toilet.

  • Jules’ Undersea Lodge: Now, this concept is taking ’20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’ to a whole new level. The Jules’ Undersea Lodge is a lodge hotel that is situated 20 feet under water in Key Largo, Florida. This one of a kind lodge was a former research lab and all the rooms of this incredible hotel come with 42 inch round window, along with diving gear, that is provided by the lodge management.

  • Dockside Crane Hotel: A place most suitable for crane operators, who would now have a chance to see their professional workplace from an all new luxury living standard. The Dockside Crane Hotel located in Harlingen, again in Netherlands (Phew!) is a luxury bed and breakfast hotel that was formerly used as a dock crane. The access ladder to the crane has been replaced with a lift and just about all the interiors of the crane have been stripped to make room for the luxurious amenities for the guests.

  • Das Park Hotel: Not exaggerating the term ‘life in a sewer’, the Das Park Hotel is the creation of designer Andreas Strauss, who created livable quarters out of concrete sewage pipes, providing them with a mattress for two, an outlet, and some artwork. This one of a kind hotel is located near the Danube river in Austria and each of these sewage pipes weigh an enormous 9.5 tons.

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