The Uncle Phone: A Contemporary Rendition of a Vintage Communication Device

Indian artists Soren Pors and Aparna Rao’s sculpture ‘The Uncle Phone’ has garnered a lot of attention from aficionados from around the world. It was seen in London and would be auctioned off at South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art sale in London on June 10.

The phone is a working model and is expected to fetch US$8,800 to 11,700. It resembles those old dialler phones which were seen many decades ago. Ever since the modern gadgets have arrived, the old p0hones became obsolete just like those distant uncles whose memories remain etched in our mind, long gone but not forgotten. It would be interesting to see who would buy this work of art.

Perhaps this shows that there is a growing market for luxury art, and art that defines contemporary forms of expression. A couple of decades ago this piece of art would have evoked hardly any interest but in a vibrant period like today, such pieces of art would not only be appreciated, but also valued and sold off for thousands of dollars. It reveals a culture of spending on art, which really is good.

Via: China Daily

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