Jellyfish Art Introduces New Range Of Exquisite Jellyfish Aquariums

Aquariums nowadays have fast become not only a decorative piece of art, but it also exults a pure sense of refinement and luxury, whether, they be at an office, hotel or at home.  These artificial homes for aquatic life serve as not only viable habitats for these majestic creatures but also as gorgeous home decorative objects. However, if there is one creature that does require a lot care while sustaining in an aquarium, that would be  jellyfish.

However, a start-up company called Jellyfish Art, has now come out with two new Jellyfish Tank models, Monaco and Custom that have been designed to provide the best of luxury designs in the field of exotic aquariums. These all new gorgeous Jellyfish Tanks will sure make your living room the center of attention and at the same time, provides the jellyfish with a comfortable and secure environment. The founder of Jellyfish Arts, Alex Andon spent quite a substantial amount of time in ways to perfect the process through which, jellyfish could be domesticated in aquariums, without the danger of them being sucked into the filters and getting liquefied.

Jellyfish Art was conceived in the month of September last year and has achieved remarkable success from being just a dot in today’s corporate world, to being emerged as a highly successful and groundbreaking entrepreneurship. The company has launched its two new products with varied price tags, where in the Monaco Jellyfish Tank can be yours for $2,399 and the Custom Jellyfish Tank starts at about $20,000.

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