Wealth TV takes lead in 3D programming

3D is fast becoming a rage. Everyone believes that it is the future of video viewing. So Wealth TV President Charles Herring, did not want to waste time and started recording programmes in 3D format. Though he still is not sure exactly what shape these programmes and their transmission will take, but he is doing it nonetheless. The San Diego based network will be producing 50 hours of 3d programmes that will range from travelogues to nature documentaries.

They are trying to decide whether this 3D format will be an on demand transmission, or a 24×7 channel. The network already has about 10 million viewers. The company has had various differences with distributers in the past. What will be interesting to see is whether these less than happy distributers actually take interest in the 3D programming concept. Herring sure believes so “I think 3D in general is important to WealthTV-and it should be important to operators too.”

Many other TV makers, programmers and analysts share this opinion. Around 4.2 million 3D TV sets are toted to be sold by 2010, according to figures estimated by research firm iSuppli. A 3D footage of the historic Hearst Castle and then another shooting at Smoky Mountains will also take place.

Via: MultiChannel

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