Rodeo Leather Wall Tile Collection for Different Look and Feel

Here is a tiles collection created by Italian designer Rodeo for Studio Art which will take everyone by surprise. These wall tiles are not typical glazed colorful tiles, these are Leather Wall tiles which will not only will give different colorful look but provide the rich leather feel as well. The new colorful leather tile collection will add to the glamour and style statement of any home.

The awesome leather wall tile collection has been created from cow hide and tiles come in different hues and shades like spotted red, blue, purple and yellow.  Rodeo collection will actually dress up boring walls in different skins of rich color and texture. These leather tiles will lend a warm look to any interior. It may not be appealing idea to use leather so exhaustively but the outcome looks so different and stylish. The leather texture and patterns on the walls transform the entire space and ambience.

The Rodeo leather wall tile collection consists of tiles of different sizes and finishes. Do check out Studio Art for more details. Kudos to Studio Art for such a spectacular collection for very rarely one comes across such an innovation. Let’s hope leather’s appeal will not take us back to primitive hunting days.

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