McLaren lets you customize your dream car

McLaren is the God of luxury cars, hands down! Not only does it have the best features that one could ask for, it also looks like luxury in metal. The company has now brought a Configurator that will allow those lucky few who can actually buy their cars to customize their MP4-12C model about to come next year. One can choose from the colours, and several other features. McLaren Automative wants to let it’s customers be able to create their dream car with the help of its online interface.

For the exterior, the buyers can customize the colour and the bodywork. While for the interiors they can alter the functional options such as parking sensors, driver’s position, and performance enhancers like ceramic disk brakes, lighter seat material and wheels. So in a way, with the McLaren 12C, you can basically make your own car.

Though I don’t think that with the expert designers at their company, one would have to really change much. Though the car hasn’t come out as yet, but the excitement generated is almost palpable. Aaah I so wish the world was a perfect place and I could get my hands on it’s steering wheels. One can always dream.

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