Multitouch technology finds it’s way into your desk

Multitouch is fast being incorporated into anything imaginable. This hi-tech sounding innovation could also find it’s way into your living rooms. Yes, a multitouch table has come up in the markets, and is known as Table Baroque. This unique furniture is the creation of the company MTS-DOC, which is manufacturing it in several combinations of materials. One can have such a table made of different varieties of wood such as oak, beech, cherry, maple, larch or mahogany.

If you want to move away from such a classic look, then take your pick from different metal parts that will give it a contemporary edge. Standing tall with measurements of 78 x 112 x 95cm, it looks grand with its oak, 3x lacquer and 3x polished, pure brass leg holders and the gold covered ventilator grilles. Though it was made keeping in mind the setting of museums, libraries and institutions, there is no reason why it can’t adorn your living room as well.

This burgeoning trend that has seen the multitouch technology being used in various electronic products, picked up especially after the emergence of the Microsoft Surface. Let us wait and see, which other product will make use of it next.

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