Meeting Knives set is the Upmost Lethal Puzzle

It has always been on our mind and it went across our mind to have 4-in-1 when it comes to knives. And at last it is here the out of the box design which is quite a puzzle really, the Meeting Knives set.

Mia Schmallenbach’s the designer for the Meeting knives set features a brilliant design allowing a four in one concept which saves space and its well thought design sleek and clean cut it amaze us all. The Meeting knives set consists of different kitchen knives such as a paring knife, a carving knife, a chef’s knife and a filleting knife and that as all stack inside each other on a sole slab of steel.

The knives look real razor-sharp and it has a feel of reassurance to it just by the looks of it. The proportions is as such that each knife were in fact intended by an arithmetical sequence allowing each and every single piece to comfortably sit into one another, but one should agree that the fallout are far more from looking like they were basic designs.

And this little masterpiece is already out for grab and thankfully, this cool looking product the Meeting Knives set is produced by Deglon out of France. There is apparently an Australian website called the Table Direct that is selling the set but it can be also found in a slightly more affordable version that is, it comes with a wooden base instead hence less expensive. But we should agree that work of art is worth each and every penny by its looks and innovative concepts.


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