eScape brings the beauty of nature to your living rooms

These days more and more people spend less and less time outdoors. Several reasons rule this not so healthy development. People are getting busy with deskwork, one can meet people in the comfort of their living room at the click of a mouse etc etc. So Sky Factory has brought out screens that give an illusion of the outside world.  But mind you, this doesn’t come cheap.

The eScape window is basically a 40 inch 1080p LCD screen that looks like a window offering the view of your milieu. This simulated view is created by eight full HD videos that contain different kinds of vistas. These videos are of different time spans, hence giving you several options, depending on your mood. Place this screen anywhere you want, and enjoy the scenic beauty that nature offers. Infact the videos offer a much more beautiful view than one would get to see otherwise in the concrete jungles where we live.

The high definition video and sound quality make sure that the experience is as real as possible. But the lovely sights and sounds will cost you a hefty $9,750. I am not sure whether one would spend so much money when all one has to do is to open the front door.

Via: SlashGear

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