Plans to resume the Concorde flight in the offing

The Concorde luxury jet has become a part airline history. The supersonic aircraft that achieved speeds of 4 mach had set an example world wide of what the the future of the airlines industry holds. Travelling the busy cross Atlantic route, the Concorde had completed 27 years of service. But in 200, its service had to be terminated due to several reasons. One of them being the plane crash of the year 2000, which resulted in the death of 113 passengers.

Though the case is still going on in a Paris court, efforts are now underway to resume the flight before the 2012 Olympic Games. BBC reports say that Save Concorde Group (SCG) and the French company Olympus 593 are trying to examine all the technical aspects of the plane to ensure that the jet is fit enough to start flying again. This includes a thorough check up of its Rolls Royce engines.

The estimate cost of the restoration will be around $22 million (£15 million). One might think that the final verdict of the Paris court might serve as a glitch towards this renewal, but the word on the street is that it wont. Let us wait and watch if the plans materialize or not.

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